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Meet the Team

Rick and Bobo have complimentary strengths that allow them to get each job done efficiently and correctly. They share a passion and love for roofing. To them, roofing is not just a job, it is their favorite hobby. 

Richard "Rick" Hansen II

Business Owner

Richard "Rick" Hansen II has owned and operated this roofing company for over 40 years. If you ask him about roofing, he'll tell you it's his passion, it's what keeps him healthy, and if he can keep doing what he loves every day, he's going to! He sees roofing as a science and an art; a perfect craft one learns to master. Not only does Rick have the reputation of being a skillful, honest, and dependable roofer, but he has used his career in roofing to give back and help others in need. For over 20 years, he volunteered with Rebuilding Together in Manchester, CT, donating roofs to those who desperately needed a new roof but didn't have the means on their own. He also has used his career to help teach and mentor others who need guidance, a job, and a friend. Many of those people now have their own business in home improvement and roofing. When Rick is not roofing, he enjoys boating, riding his motorcycle, sitting outside drinking his coffee, and spending time with his daughters and grandchildren. 

Herman "Bobo" Cotto

Business Partner

Herman "Bobo" Cotto has been roofing with JRH Maintenance for 10 years. Bobo began working with Rick as a laborer, who really had no idea of his skillset and was never given a chance to prove how smart he was and how fast he could learn. Bobo shared the same love and passion for roofing as Rick did and was eager to learn how to master the craft. Very quickly, Rick saw Bobo's potential and got him on the roof. Bobo has learned to perfect his skills and has worked his way up to business partner. Many people refer to Bobo as Rick's right hand and reference the two of the them as the "dynamic duo." When Bobo is not roofing, he enjoys creating art, being active, hanging out with his friends, and spending time with his nephew. 

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